Saturday, 12 June 2010

Introducing Majolica, Dinara and History...

Saturdays at Spriggs are always interesting.  Two weddings required delivery at the same time, colour coded boxes, labels with descriptions  for the who, what, when and why question session.  Instructions for pinning on buttonholes - always useful.  Matthew draws the line with me and post it notes - I do like to be organised.  Next weekend's brides confirming table numbers and final details, whilst frantic phone call letting me know that two extra tables have appeared at one of the reception venue - a quick chat with MOTB and hey presto two more jugs appear to be filled with peonies and roses.

Then its jump in the car, camera in hand to help do the finishing touches for the table flowers at Upwaltham Barn and see one of my Brides.  Jo is seated on the bedroom floor, blusher brush in hand when I arrive, carrying boxes of beautiful bouquets for her and the bridesmaids.  This is when I know how much I love my job.  From the first meeting last winter when I met Jo and her husband-to-be Tom, to talk about their summer dream wedding, to delivering the finished bouquets and arrangements. 

At the barn we met with Sara Reeve, who like me was busy taking pictures - unlike mine, her pictures will be full of life and movement - I always like seeing our work photographed by a professional, they're always just so good at it. I will post some images from Sara when she sends them to me next week.

I love the Wedding Car.

The registrar's table had two clusters of terracotta pots filled with summer flowers and panicum fountain grass and foliages from our gardens.

The top table was decorated with buckets and terracotta pots with peonies, roses, lysimachia and summer flowers to give that 'I've just been to the garden and picked this' look.

The guest's tables were just as pretty, with larger terracotta pots and wonderfully scented stocks.  It wasn't long before the perfume filled the barn - along with the hog being roasted outside.

So for now, that will be all.  Need to do shopping for the pic-nic lunch tomorrow, we're off to Sissinghurst to see the white garden.  So much nicer than watching the football.

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