Monday, 29 November 2010

flora and fauna from the highlands, aka some holiday snaps

 I absolutely adore larch,
so to see so much growing in this wild and beautiful landscape was quite frankly heavenly

cones will soon be adorning spruce garlands

we had fun writing the estate agents details for this character cottage.... ripe for improvement, panoramic views, well ventilated, etc etc

 native rose hips

its a dipper - such a busy bird, it just wouldn't sit still and pose

bracket fungus

 lichens - gorgeous

 Family friend Rodney, has a magical wood at the bottom of his garden
and the floor is covered with mosses and lichens.
How jealous am I?

I am so enjoying my little Nikon.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

getting ready for Late Night Shopping....

that's us, Spriggs Florist


Matthew wants one of these for Christmas

Marks & Ayling - I would like all of this delivered to my house - now - please

Petal would like this for Christmas - in fact she would like the treats any time of the year.

when not working, go fishing instead....

When not working at Spriggs, Pa Spriggs, or Big G as he is known to some, likes to go fishing.

Not bad considering he is to celebrate his 79th birthday next year, 30th year trading as Spriggs Florist in December of this year, still working full time and very much in love with the fishing in Scotland.

in the shop today

the front door has been decorated with a rather handsome blue spruce garland with cinnamon sticks, cones and orange slices - please do call the shop to order your door garland, we make them all to order and to your specifications

Sunday 28th November is the first Sunday in advent

the three wise robins

whilst some are waxing lyrical about cyclamen, we will do our bit for the helleborus niger - love their pure white petals which fade to green (rather than grey)

deer, quail and blackbirds with crowns on - of course

Friday, 12 November 2010

today, it is not raining ..... oh yes it did

but that did not stop Rosie and Nick from having a wonderful day

Ellen model Rosie's bouquet earlier in the day for me to snap -  but as ever the images from Hector are far more exquisite.

We are off to Scotland on Sunday and we are looking forward to long walks in the highlands, cold frosty mornings and wonderful sun rises.  I shall be taking the camera, so please forgive Matthew if he can't blog this weekends event.  I will instead post some images of flora and fauna from the banks of the Spey 

Have a lovely weekend, make the most of Saturday as the forecast for Sunday doesn't look good.  Batten down the hatches, watch a good black and white movie and have afternoon tea.

a tale of two weddings - part two

the very lovely Becky and Matthew wed at Upwaltham Barns last month, on a beautiful sunny autumnal day

images from Hector Photo - beautiful as ever

Monday, 8 November 2010

today's colour is Orange

just two weeks ago we were enjoying autumnal sunny days

now it feels like winter.

the vases were filled with gourds and straw with stems of Chinese lanterns - they stood either side of a dark wood table and looked very handsome.

Christmas has arrived at Spriggs - I will post pictures over the next few days.

Have a lovely evening, light a fire - if you have one that is - if not light candles, grab yourself a nice tartan blanket, close the curtains and have a large hot toddy.

Enjoy xx

Saturday, 6 November 2010

are you feeling the love.....

Matthew made a beautiful heart door garland from heather, hydrangeas and spanish moss.

we also had cake - thank you Yvonne

Friday, 5 November 2010

Petworth Park


Petal and Clara talked me into a quick walk in Petworth Park

I didn't take much persuading...  I took the camera