Saturday, 25 September 2010

A Petworth Wedding

Scented lilies, stocks and hydrangeas with bundles of corn make the perfect entrance to St Mary's Church in Petworth.
Today we are doing a lovely wedding in town.  With lots of people popping in and out to ask what we are doing, where do the flowers come from and how much would one like that cost.

With Gog and Maygog either side of the door, the main entrance to the church was festooned with more flowers and the scent from the flowers was just heavenly.


white roses, bouvardia, freesias and hyacinth pips

The reception is being held at Bartholomew Barn more scented white roses with myrtle and hebe, I'm sure there will be lots of champagne and laughter and fun to be had by all.

Tomorrow is a day of rest for the Spriggs Team.  Clara will be back to her country residence so Matthew will be walking in the park and then chilling by the fire - they are not forcasting a very nice day on Sunday.  Petal will need a bath as no doubt she will find something smellie to roll in and I will be roasting a belly of pork.

Whatever you do this weekend - have a lovely one.