Thursday, 21 April 2011

Farewell Jo

yesterday we said our farewells to a remarkable lady;
a natural artist & flamboyant florist,
aficionados of pork pies & fine red wine,

you live on in our hearts with the immortal line
"where are me bleedin scissors"

the workroom at Spriggs is only slightly less chaotic -
Jo was in her element when she had at least
five buckets of foliage to work from,
even for the smallest of arrangements.
The put-by flowers were always a target for Jo's attention
"Matthew won't know I've used just 1 or 2"

so we celebrated her life by filling st. laurence's church in Lurgashall
with some of her favourite flowers & foliages

we all cried - tears of joy & sorrow


27/12/1943 - 31/03/2011

Monday, 18 April 2011

what to do with Avalanche Roses

fill a large vase with a sphere of roses
cover the cloth with petals &candles in narrow vases
stand back & admirer

then fill tall vases with roses & orchids
tulips & ranunculus

then some smaller vases to match

stand well back....

check that all is in order

congratulations Emma & Tim
hope you have a perfect day
x x

a celebration of life

the new vases had just arrived from our last trip to Holland, when
a timely phone call from Donna at Goodwood House
"can you do something with WOW for a wake?"
"yes - any special requests?"

with vases unpacked, 
orchids & green goddess arum lilies,
hydrangeas & lilac,
Matthew and his team get to work to create this majestic displays.

it's all in a days work for Spriggs

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

spring blossom

such beautiful blooms in spring

I enjoyed a walk around Petworth one lunch time last week &
could not resist taking some pictures
of these magnificent blooms

big goblets of magnolia flowers
delicate cherry blossom
& a hint of things to come with the wisteria

a floral feast

Monday, 11 April 2011

rose memory lane, vendela and mimi eden

couldn't you just eat this with a spoon

sweet peas & fancy tulips
roses & ranunculus
viburnum & eustoma

and the sun shone - perfect!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

spring country wedding at The Walled Garden, Cowdray

it has to be said, The Walled Garden at Cowdray
is perfect for a spring wedding

vases, buckets, pots & jars
were filled with spring flowers,
auriculars & herbs
primroses & forget-me-knots

Eleanor & Kieren
I wish you both well

Saturday, 9 April 2011

spring wedding at Goodwood House

it was a stunning day to get married at Goodwood House

vases were filled with blossom &peonies
solomon seal &virburnum
blue bells and lilac

I am rather fond on the cake stand - red shoes

and this is a taster of what the bride carried

more pictures to follow of the bridal flowers,
but so say the perfume was perfect
would be an understatement.