Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mothering Sunday a la Spriggs Florist

it's this Sunday 03rd April

and yes it does move every year

(it's much, much earlier next year
but don't worry we can put you on our reminder list)

we are even delivering on Sunday morning, so its not to late to
call the shop and place your order

01798 343372

you can order bunches of mixed spring flowers with fancy tulips
scented sweet peas & stocks
roses in shades of palest pink to deepest crimson
lily of the valley & auriculars in terracotta pots
smart orchids in glass cubes

whatever you do to celebrate your mummy
have a lovely weekend
savour the sunshine, catch up with the archers
have a glass of something chilled
and enjoy
x x

Friday, 25 March 2011

what would you choose?


Mothering Sunday is fast approaching, the shop is filled with
scented spring flowers, plants & bulbs,
orchids & ferns

I am loving the cut orchids

and a vase filled with 60 roses for a surprise 60th birthday party

what would be you ideal Mothering Sunday?

answers in the box below

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

what's outside Spriggs today...

lots and lots of wonderful spring plants

and just a little bit on nonsense with chickens & eggs
& geese wearing waistcoats

the boys are back in the netherlands today, so the shop will be heaving at the seams tomorrow with more wonderful plants

don't you just love spring xx

Friday, 11 March 2011

spring at Spriggs Florist

from the top;

viburnum & pussy willow

solomon's seal


hanging baskets of daffodil tete-a-tete
yellow pansies

It's a busy time at Spriggs Florist, preparing for weddings,
Mothering Sunday, Easter and all manner of parties and launches

Belgium this week and The Netherland's next

but still we find time to plant hanging baskets of buttercup yellow
pansies, lined with fresh green moss and adorned old
terracotta pots - just to be different.

inside the shop there are tulips and ranunculus, daffodils and hyacinths
planted baskets of primroses and bowls of fritilaria

the weather looks promising for the weekend, so pop into Petworth
have luncheon at The Leconfield - highly recommend the scallop's -
take a walk in the park and spend your pennies on spring treats at Spriggs.