Friday, 23 March 2012

parrot tulips, celosia, rose grand amore, viburnum &....

hairy balls - oops - that should be gomphocarpus moby dick.....

these lovelies are going in the centre of a large mahogany dining table

wonder what's on menu?

just off for a lovely walk in the park with the hound - enjoy x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

the celebration of life

or in other words:

floral tributes, funeral flowers, however you term it, flowers can & do make a difference when we have to say good bye to the ones we love

from friends & neighbours, colleagues or acquaintances, the wording on the card & choice of flowers are a chance to send a message to say "we care" "we'll miss them" "sorry"....

for the families, loved-ones & close friends, it can be a focus for the service or ceremony - beautiful flowers adorning the coffin.

with our love

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

flowers & other shop talk

ranunculus and certainly one of our favourite flowers
from the pastel 'dolly mixture' varieties to these big white poppy type flowers

pots of hellebores & pansies
camelias, scented narcissus, hyacinths & herbs
are adorning the steps of the shop - enjoying the sunshine

the cellar is filled - and I mean filled
there are flowers everywhere - you'd think we had a busy weekend ahead of us

I did get a bit over excited with the peonies and solomon seal
(polygonatum multiflorum don't you know)

lets hope the sun keeps shining

of for a walk around the park with the woofs then of to the pictures

have a lovely evening

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Open Day at Upwaltham Barns

it was such a lovely day at Upwaltham Barns today - just right for their second Open Day

we met with lots of lovely brides & bridegrooms all planning their special day

plus we get to gossip with other lovelies we work with over the year

Puritam Hyam - delicious wedding cakes

Abby - Cherished Vintage Accessories - just go have a look... beautiful

Donal & Dex - Pollen - great flowers, chair covers & confetti petals
(that's enough of a plug for the opposition)

Sally - Splendid Days - so much more than vintage china

Nicole - Coco Cafe & Sugar Lounge - Petworth based - sweets, chocolates & ice cream

Neal - foresthogs - hog roast & more
(they have Tamworths - in a wood!)

Photographers Danni Beach & Sarah Critchlow - both will stunning images from Upwaltham

if you would like more information on any of the flowers & arrangements that we had on our stand please email me at or call me on 01798 344133

we look forward to hearing from you soon


In other news - its Mothering Sunday next weekend

we will be delivering on Saturday and Sunday

call us to book flowers for your Mummy

01798 343372

Monday, 5 March 2012

finishing touches and time to say i do.....

arch & pathway all decorated with moss & primroses

it was a bit like playing in the sandpit for florists

candles lit - lots of them

urns in place

and now we can breath a sigh of relief at a job well done

its now over to the Bride & Groom to do their bit

a very proud father of the bride

and the choir - posing for the camera.....