Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Hanging Baskets of Petworth...

It was a busy day at Spriggs Florist yesterday.  Not only did the new hanging baskets arrive for the shop, but also 30 of the little darlings which we supply and hang in the town.  So there we were with stepladders and watering cans hanging them up, with helpful passers by asking if we worked for the council and what a good job we were doing.

Then Matthew made some stunning arrangements for the stone urns in the front windows.  It's always a challenge taking photos of the shop front.  You get some interesting reflections from the buildings around Golden Square - bit of free publicity for HSBC - as if they need it!

Matthew is now off delivering the flowers for the Park House in Bepton.  If ever I had time to myself to be pampered and well fed, this would be the place for me.
This afternoon it's more meetings and paperwork, planning for the weddings over the next few weekends and the very large list of flowers needed for the arrangements at Goodwoods 'Festival of Speed' which is fast approaching.

I do hope the sun makes an appearance for this weekend's weddings.

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