Wednesday, 29 June 2011

what we do when we're not doing weddings

we do flowers for other events

including the Goodwood Festival of Speed

it takes approximately
1000 nutans
1000 chrysanthemum blooms
several thousand roses
1000 hypericum berries
and lots and lots of foliages, herbs, 
and yes even more flowers, 

a lorry from Charlie to put the flowers in
& driver for the above lorry

Rianne, Albert & Marlies
who work very hard in Holland to get the flowers just right

Edward with his lorry of flowers

then add a
Matthew, Darren, Ellen, Julia, Sarah, Antonia, Kathy, Vanessa,
Barbara, Chyna, Rebecca, Michael,
Tom - and not forgetting a me

a Sue, Sharon, Geoff & Eve to run the empire back in Petworth

all in all
quite impressive

Sunday, 26 June 2011

white wedding

with just a splash of sugary pink

I love making matthew pose with the bouquets....
he has a very cheeky grin

i thought the bouquet was worthy of three pictures

it was very pretty

claudette & jeremy have a lovely day

Saturday, 25 June 2011

purple rain

i did say we were loving clematis - they have even stared in one of the
bridal bouquets this weekend.

stocks & hydrangeas
ammi & lissianthus
hebe & ladies mantle

are you feeling the love....

Thursday, 23 June 2011

currently loving clematis

last sunday in petworth many gardens were opened to the public
to raise funds for the red cross

it did stop raining for a couple of hours

teas & cakes were served

many questions asked, photographs taken

& an enjoyable afternoon was had by many visitors,

i am currently loving clematis

from buds to seed heads

i think some may even be staring in one of the bridal bouquets this weekends

so more pictures to follow

Saturday, 18 June 2011

take one pair of shoes, peonies, roses & joanna brown....

add a boy & a girl

and you have the perfect ingredients for

a magical wedding day

x - x

special thanks again to joanna for sharing her images with us

Friday, 17 June 2011

a castle, a walled garden in cowdray, a camera & Joanna Brown

we did flowers for a wedding at the walled garden in cowdray one day in may

it's a magical place to get married - full of roses & lavender

mark and kathy said "i do"

there was a girl with a special camera - you have to agree she is very talented

her name is

joanna brown

you can see lots more of her pictures here 

and find out lots more about her work here

we very much look forward to working with joanna brown again

x x