Saturday, 15 September 2012

Goodwood Revival & The Spriggs Team

 its a long list:

van packed

& off we go to Goodwood...

with silver bowls filled with roses & hydrangeas

peacock feathers & gladioli

 china jugs & vessels of all shapes & sizes

champagne buckets & martini vases

even little Geoff got in on the act in the pit lanes

but don't confuse little Geoff with the boss!

after making all the laurel garlands he is off to the Highlands for a spot of fishing

then it was back to the big house for a dinner party

anyone for a canapé

Matthew will be dressing up on Sunday
so look out for this dapper chap 

but not this one - Tom is preparing for Uni

so if your at Goodwood have a great weekend



  1. Each arrangement more beautiful than the last. Stunning, stunning work - I am in awe! :-)

  2. Superb flower arrangement work!! Once in a wedding I had saw UK florist work and they were also too good in there flower arrangement work.