Saturday, 8 September 2012

a little bit of this & a little bit of that

its been awhile i know since we did a blog post

& i read in an article about blogging that you should not apologies for not writing more often...

but i am going to fail on both accounts - sorry for the blog silence

we have missed reading your comments...

So as a bit of a catch up here we go...

the hanging baskets at Spriggs are doing rather well despite the slow start

you can see the seasons are changing - there are heathers in dusky shades
cyclamen plants and echuvairas

samples for that big do at Goodwood next weekend

have just ordered 10,000 flowers - that's a lot of 00's - its a bit scary adding it up

a bit of early morning photography in the park

apologies if you don't do spiders - but he was very busy and the light was just to good

sorry - need to concentrate on the flowers

these little darlings with seed heads, wheat and hops were going to a wedding on a farm

 & these are for the boys

and we're worked with the wonderful folk from Wigwam

& the very lovely Joanne - elegant stationery

filled silver bowls with cherry brandy roses amongst other autumnal flowers

decorated poles & tables

i think that will do for now

its time to go home & cook the mountain of zucchini picked from the allotment last night
watch DrWho with Tom before he disappears to uni to study astrophysics

not bad - bucket boy to astrophysicist....

have a lovely weekend

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  1. Glad you're back and those hanging baskets—WOW!!!