Wednesday, 29 June 2011

what we do when we're not doing weddings

we do flowers for other events

including the Goodwood Festival of Speed

it takes approximately
1000 nutans
1000 chrysanthemum blooms
several thousand roses
1000 hypericum berries
and lots and lots of foliages, herbs, 
and yes even more flowers, 

a lorry from Charlie to put the flowers in
& driver for the above lorry

Rianne, Albert & Marlies
who work very hard in Holland to get the flowers just right

Edward with his lorry of flowers

then add a
Matthew, Darren, Ellen, Julia, Sarah, Antonia, Kathy, Vanessa,
Barbara, Chyna, Rebecca, Michael,
Tom - and not forgetting a me

a Sue, Sharon, Geoff & Eve to run the empire back in Petworth

all in all
quite impressive

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