Monday, 13 June 2011

a farbridge wedding

I met Sam back in February, it was a beautiful sunny spring day - it was a very memorable day - my consultation took all of three minutes.

Yes, I did say three minutes, not three hours...

Sam just said

"create me a beautiful summery wedding"

and gave me a list of table numbers, buttonholes and bridesmaids

the rest was up to us.

Matthew was in his element -
so many beautiful summery flowers to choose from,

on the other hand - I am a control freak - I like details,
I like to cross check these details,
I have files and clipboards to put detailed notes on,
I have colour coded notes,
I am the one at base who makes sure that everything is just so,
I was a fish out of water....

but once I saw Sam's bouquet I melted,
it was perfect and just what I could choose

well done Matthew, you've done it again.

Antonia was my model this weekend - we have named her Delphine
in honour of Delphine Manivet


the rain stayed away for most of the day

I look forward to sharing more pictures with you when we receive
the official images - can't wait.

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