Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Guest Blog

Valentine’s Day is one of the peak days in a florist’s year, we thought you might enjoy this guest blog from one of our delivery drivers.

Rebecca’s Day:

Up bright and early to make a packed lunch to take with me since I know I won’t have a chance to stop today – homemade sweet potato and chilli soup, yum! I’m at the shop by 8.15 to get my delivery list from Sue. It’s like a military operation! Different areas are separated out into different colours so I make sure all the coloured flags that match my route are loaded onto the van, then it’s off. This surely has to be the nicest job in the world – people are always pleased to see you when you arrive on their doorstep with flowers and Valentine’s day is the cherry on the cake.

One of my morning deliveries is a nursery school teacher who had taken all her young charges out on a nature trail. Her number is on a white board outside the school door and I ask her where I should leave her flowers: “Put them in the Wendy House, they’ll be safe there” – well I always say flowers make a house a home! Another lady answers the door to receive flowers from Daddy for her little girl “None for me?” she asks. Thank goodness they were still in the van or it could have been an awkward evening in that household. 

Quick pitstop at Kirdford Village Stores. Easy to see why they won the Countryside Alliance Village Shop of the Year, they are so helpful and quickly pointed me in the right direction when I couldn’t find the farm address on the delivery sheet.  One of my favourite parts of the job is seeing the countryside through the seasons. I counted at least three Buzzards today, a herd of Alpacas and, a new one on my rounds, two ferrets!

So, back to the shop for the last time at 3.30pm having done 30 deliveries – and that’s just me, there were three of us out today. Now that all the deliveries are done I’m pooped and looking forward to a nice cup of tea. 

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