Monday, 20 December 2010

Winter Wonderland at The Walled Garden

6am no snow
7am loads of snow...

we were off to The Walled Garden in Cowdray

its a lovely venue and we were charged with turning the rooms into a winter wonderland - so working with mother nature we frosted twigs and moss, tweaked fairy lights around hurricane vases with snowball shaped candles.

it was magical

back to the shop now to work on more lovely arrangements, amaryllis to plant in large brandy balloon vases,  hyacinths in rustic baskets and even more door wreaths.

On other news - have you listened to The Archers lately, I was almost in tears with Helen's rant to her poor daddy and can't wait for the next kiss with Harry and Fallon.

Have a lovely week, keep warm and safe in the snow.
x x


  1. These are beautiful. I love white for a winter wedding. So perfect for this weather.

    Must catch up with The Archers. I haven't heard it this week.

  2. Oh great, It's beautiful.

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