Monday, 12 July 2010

Primrose and Heliatrope, Part One

As much as we love working with peonies and roses in softer shades of vintage pink or the more classic white and green, it was a real joy to be working with colours from the other side of the colour wheel.

Sammy, the bride, wanted to have a bouquet that was a 'bit' wild and not at all pink twee.  We started talking about favourite flowers and orchids soon popped up in the conversation. Although the colours had been set for the flowers at the church and marquee, we incorporated the jasmine clotted cream into the bouquet to add perfume and a touch of the country.

Ellen modelled the bouquets for me; she is working hard on carrying them at jaunty angles.  I am still working on Ellen wearing a number by Vera Wang - she doesn't want to get married but quite fancies the party.  I did point out that she could bring the frock to work so that she could pose with the bouquets every weekend to give the pictures an authentic feel.

I will post more images later.  Petal is demanding her afternoon walk around the town, so she can be cooed at by her adoring fans.

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